About NMRL

The National Microbiology Reference Laboratory (NMRL) is a public health laboratory in the division of National Public Health Laboratories (NPHL). The laboratory’s mandate is to offer reference microbiology services and oversee all quality assurance programs for Microbiology. The laboratory serves both Public and Private Institutions. It offers quality and affordable services to the public and continually upgrades all the tests to reflect technological change in laboratory medicine. NMRL accepts specimens from county public health laboratories and other local and national laboratories and agencies for analysis. Specimens from private healthcare providers and institutions can be submitted directly to NMRL for analysis.
Specimen management activities at NMRL include the receipt, categorization, and distribution of specimens from public health facilities to the NMRL for reference diagnostic testing. State-of-the-art technology is used to provide data and information summaries that are crucial in the assessment of public health trends and epidemic dynamics on a national scale.